Samhuinn Fire Festival

The event will take place on October 31, 2022 from 6pm to 10pm and tickets cost £5

It’s that time of year again, Halloween! It’s also time to get a good scare by dressing up as a ghost. But it’s not enough to just put on make-up and take photos and grab candy. There is an event in Edinburgh where you can really be surrounded by ghosts and fire, but instead of being scared, you can experience the Scottish version of “Night of the Ghosts”. everyone dressed up in fancy dress and became part of the Halloween extravaganza.

Samhuinn Fire Festival
The Fire Parade is an annual celebration of Edinburgh’s winter season. It is more of a theatrical performance incorporating traditional arts and culture than a ‘fire parade’.
With a Halloween theme, the parade begins on Calton Hill and combines Celtic elements with the story of the confrontation between the ‘Kings of Summer’ and the ‘Kings of Winter’, illustrating Celtic traditions through theatre. The show is brought to life with fiery fire dances, acrobatics, wild drumming and bright, sly costumes that showcase the fiery side of the Celtic people. Whether you’re a theatre lover or just looking for a good time, you’ll be able to unleash your enthusiasm at the Fire Parade. Come and experience Celtic culture in Edinburgh and join the carnival party for a lively Halloween!

I interview to one visitor to the event, David Smith, who told me: “People who want to come to Edinburgh for a spirited Halloween can also visit Scottish heritage sites along the way. Visiting well-known buildings such as the Scottish parliament, Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Scottish Museum gives an in depth view of the Scottish nation from a variety of perspectives.” He said he was very excited to be able to attend the event and said it was very difficult for him to get a ticket for the event. It was a very worthwhile and interesting trip for him!

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